Just a few short months ago the Quick Setup feature in V8 Scan and Tune was publicly released. Customer feedback on the Quick Setup was overwhelmingly positive, and additional features were requested by many people to further enhance functionality.

The latest software pre-release, dated September 8, 2014 contains many of those requested features. Customers no longer have to open and edit individual tune files to set security restrictions. Instead all security functions including viewing options, flashing options, along with device and controller restrictions can be managed within the Quick Setup.

Each Quick Setup has the ability to store and manage up to 5 tune files. These latest enhancements allow security restrictions to be placed over single tune files, or multiple tune files at once. Where multiple files are selected, and security restrictions are not compatible across all files, the Quick Setup will automatically adjust security levels to the 'next applicable' security level.

With less than a handful of mouse clicks and keystrokes, all security settings for the variety of tune files displayed above were set. The tunes were linked to AutoCal, the Master FlashScan License and Device License were set, and the highest level of security was applied to each file. You will note that the *.coz file was not set to full-flash, and only the E54 controller was auto-locked, both examples demonstrate the automatic adjustment of security settings. For illustrative purposes, the last tune file listed was selectively modified to allow for both cal-flash and full-flash options, allowing this file to appear on both the CAL FLASH and FULL FLASH AutoCal menus.

From a time management perspective, these changes represent a huge time saving for tuners when compared to opening each file individually and setting restrictions. Cummins tuners will be particularly happy given this option allows their tunes to be set to full-flash, ensuring tune files only display under the AutoCal FULL FLASH menu.

A range of warnings have also been added to the Quick Setup [Save] process. Users will be notified if tune files do not contain appropriate settings including:

  • Notification that not all files are linked for use with the same AutoCal device.
  • Notification that not all files are set to Private.
  • Notification that not all files have the same Device License.

Both the EFILive V8 Reference guide and EFILive AutoCal Info for Tuners document have been updated to support these new features.