The visual display of user accounts, automated ordering emails and online ordering support material has been updated to better service our customers.

Customers can access automated license codes, as well as track the location of physical products all from their EFILive User Account Dashboard.

A range of support documentation has been added to assist users.  The Purchasing and Shipping knowledge base provides assistance for Online Ordering, License Purchases & Activation Codes, and also provides access to our updated Shipping and Return Policies.

Improvements have also been made for license orders that fail automated processing.  Customers are now presented with the following options:

  1. Place a new order with the correct Serial Number and Auth Code.  EFILive will cancel and refund the failed order.   Refunds may take up to five business days to appear on your credit card statement, depending on local banking policies. 
  2. Do not place a new order.  If your order contains....
    1. Correct Serial Number - EFILive will manually process your order during the next business day if the Serial Number is correct, and you have not placed another order.   Once your license code is emailed, your order cannot be cancelled or refunded.
    2. Incorrect Serial Number - You can email your Order Number and correct Serial Number to so that EFILive can attend to your order without contacting you, otherwise EFILive will contact you during the next business day seeking further information.  If further information is not provided within five business days, EFILive will cancel and refund the failed order.