Many tuners require key vehicle information to generate custom tunes for their Customers. Controller VIN, OS, Serial number, and for Cummins controllers Calibration ID can now be displayed on FlashScan and AutoCal screens. Users can access this information by connecting their EFILive hardware to their vehicle, and following the below instructions:

FlashScan: F3: Diagnostics -> F1: Display Info -> F1: Display VIN/Info.

AutoCal*: Users can navigate through to the following menus

  • Scan Tool->Display VIN
  • Scan Tool->Display OS
  • Scan Tool->Display SN S
  • can Tool->Display Cal ID (for Cummins controllers only)

* Advanced menu only. You may temporarily activate the Advanced menu by holding down the [Next] button while powering up AutoCal. The Simple menu will revert when the device is next powered up.

Record All Diags has also been updated, now capturing controller serial number and for Cummins controllers the Calibration ID. Information on how to generate diagnostic files can be found here.