The EFILive Help Desk is the fastest way to receive technical support for your EFILive products. All requests for help made by email, forum posts and via telephone to our Sales Enquiries team are now directed centrally to the EFILive Help Desk, who's role it is to coordinate resources to resolve requests for help.

The EFILive support process is documented here and details a number of prerequisites that must be met before lodging a request for support. Most of our customers are already familiar with many of the support requirements, including updating software and firmware, checking the Knowledgebase for relevant articles as well as utilizing EFILive V8 software for read/flash issues prior to lodging a support request.

The EFILive Help Desk is accessed here. The username and password are the same as the EFILive Forum. If you do not already have an account you simply need to register as a new forum user. Once logged into the Help Desk, select the Ask a Question link to create a new incident.

The EFILive forum remains a good resource of information, however this method of support is primarily used for customers assisting other customers..