For tuners who utilize AutoCal for their customers, managing software versions can be a difficult task.

EFILive follows the 'industry standard' of publishing Public Release software on our website, followed by any software revisions/newer builds that are not yet of public release standard. Typically these are public pre-release, public beta, or release candidate software versions where the person downloading the software needs to make a decision about which software best meets their needs and balance the risk associated with non-public release status software. The auto-update functions contained within EFILive software also conforms to this standard; auto-update is activated only for public release software versions.

The EFILive software is presently in two distinct downloads for a total of three separate applications - V8 Scan and Tune software, and V7 software which is broken into V7 Tune Tool and V7 Scan Tool applications. Generally speaking, AutoCal customers only require V8 Scan and Tune software.

AutoCal end users do not fall into the same category as their tuner when it comes to making a decision on which software best supports their needs. The end user's software and firmware must be compatible with their tuner's version, so rather than allow their users to update to each new software release, the tuner should instruct their AutoCal users which software and firmware they should have installed and when they should update to any new versions.

Should AutoCal end users upgrade beyond the software version of their tuner, or a tuner upgrade beyond the software version of their customer, devices may become incompatible.

Given the variety of software options including Public Release software, and Pre-Release software, along with separate downloads for V8 and V7 software, EFILive recommends that tuners implement a way to manage software versions with their customer base. As the tuner sets their 'base' software configuration for their production PC/FlashScan, that configuration should be communicated with their end users to maintain end user compatibility and reduce support cases.

EFILive software is constantly evolving, and releases are typically made on a monthly basis as new features become available. The status of each releases is dependent on the phase of development for the released features and pending development. Further information on the life cycle of software releases can be found here.