EFILive's LML mapping software has allowed our beta testers to make consistent leaps forward in their ability to increase power and mileage on the LML platform while leaving all emissions systems intact.  Soot accumulation testing with other flash programmers on the market yielded dismal results, with their soot level counters increasing at an alarming rate as you leaned on the throttle, which results in more frequent regens. 

The Duramax Tuner team have been able to manage their air/fuel ratios in a way that allows power increases similar to previous year Duramax trucks and at the same time reduce the soot accumulation when compared to the stock tune (that is not a typo) through tuning, and most importantly monitoring changes with EFILive's integrated Scan Tool.  More power with less regens!

This is no fluke, ATP Trucks  have also repeated the same success, more power with fewer regens on their LML. Baseline results on the stock tune averaged 17.95 MPG and covered 11.3 miles for every gram of soot accumulated in the DPF.  With ATP's custom tuning as the only modification, they achieved 19.38 MPG and managed an amazing 112.75 miles for every gram of soot accumulated.  These improvements have delivered a massive increase in time between regens as well as significant fuel savings.

So confident with their ability to control this platform with emissions intact, Nick and his team at Duramax Tuner added a twin turbo kit and additional CP3 pump to their test vehicle.  "We plan to use this truck to learn as much as possible about the limits of the factory emissions equipment, and how to make power without raising regulatory eyebrows," Nick said.
You may remember we mentioned in our August newsletter that this emissions compliant truck dynoed at 500HP. 
After the latest beta software release and now sporting twin turbo's the truck puts down 640 HP and 1,200 ft/lbs. The only limit so far has been the factory torque converter clutch.  Nick added, "The future is looking cleaner and faster than we could have imagined!  We're excited to have EFILive assist us to clear any hurdles along the way."

EFILive's LML November 21, 2013 public pre-release software contains the same tuning parameters as used on these featured vehicles.