Did you know that you can order Tuning licenses online at any time of the day or night and receive your activation code via email almost immediately?  Orders can be placed for any EFILive Tuning licence online including FlashScan V2 VIN licenses, AutoCal VIN licenses, as well as a range of Tuning Options?

To ensure your order is automatically shipped you will be prompted for your FlashScan or AutoCal serial number, and Authentication code.  If the details you provide are correct, then your order will be processed by our automated system in under 10 minutes.  

Once the order has been processed an email containing the appropriate activation code(s) will be sent to your email address and a copy of the email will be appended to the order notes. If you are logged-in to the store, you may check the status of your order, including the order notes by clicking on the Display Order Details link.;

Providing the correct details at the order entry stage is the key to your speedy license delivery.; Finding your FlashScan V2 FlashScan V2/AutoCal Serial Number is as simple as ensuring you are running our latest V7.5 software release, then  

  1. Connect your FlashScan V2 or AutoCal device to your PC.
  2. Open the EFILive Tune Tool application.
  3. Click on the Help menu and select the FlashScan V2 / AutoCal V2 VIN licensing menu option.
  4. Select the Authenticate tab.
  5. The Serial Number will be shown in the Serial: field.
  6. The Authentication (Auth) Code will be shown in the Auth code: field.  Note: An Auth Code is not applicable to a Scan Only product, only devices with a Tuning Option license. 
  • A FlashScan V2/AutoCal Serial Number must contain 12 digits and the first 2 digits will be 00, similar to this example number: 003583746598.
  • A FlashScan V2/AutoCal Authentication code is made up of 3 segments of 6 hexadecimal characters (0..9 and A..F only), similar to this example code: E49B20-7FEA45-2CA839.

Stream Licenses can be purchased online, however activation codes will only be issued during New Zealand business hours.