With the assistance and drive from key customers, EFILive recently invested significant resources into providing additional parameters and features for T43 and T76 GM 6 Speed Transmissions.

The culmination of this collaboration and subsequent development sees updates to over 40 operating systems and delivers a range of parameter enhancements including adaptive learning, inertia, pressure and torque tables.

Testing with our key partners has delivered welcomed feedback, and allows these enhancements to be delivered to customers in the July 2016 Beta release software.   EFILive welcomes feedback from customers using these calibrations during this beta cycle.  It is expected that once these calibrations reach public release status that future development for T43 and T76 will cease given the replacement of these controllers in new vehicle production.

Enhancements to T43 and T76 transmission controllers are a FREE software upgrades for existing customers who update their software to the July 2016 Beta release or later.