We all know what a juggling act development can be.  It's impossible to be everything for everyone at the same time, which means at times we need to prioritize our development schedule, much to the dissatisfaction of some customers at that particular point in time.

With less than 7 development weeks left on the 2013 calendar, and due to customer requests to 'give us anything' EFILive has released our work in progress .calz files for the E92 ECM.

Our October 16, 2013 pre-release contains approximately 300 parameters / tables, which will be more suited for stock vehicles and those with basic bolt on modifications.  Additional development for more complex modifications and tuning is scheduled for 2014.

This update covers all known E92 operating systems, including all OS reads that have previously been submitted.  A full list of supported vehicles is below. 




Gen V V8, V6 E92 ECM 
14 Cadillac CTS (Twin Turbo)
14 Cadillac XTS (Twin Turbo)
14 Chevrolet Corvette
14 Chevrolet Silverado
4.3L, 5.3L
14 GMC Sierra
4.3L, 5.3L