EFILive is pleased release the first phase of our gas calibration enhancements.  These enhancements add additional parameters for existing supported operating systems as well as delivers support for approx 20 previously unsupported operating systems across a diverse range of platforms.

This gas calibration overhaul delivers:

  • E92 - support for the latest operating system, & extensive parameter enhancements across existing OS's.
  • E39/E39A - support for 10 new operating systems covering a variety of North American, Chinese and European applications.
  • E78- support for 8 new operating systems and calibration enhancements to existing operating systems.

The EFILive Supported Vehicles list has been updated to reflect these feature enhancements.   To access these features, customers must update to the July 08, 2015 Public Pre-Release software or later.

The second phase of our planned gas calibration enhancements has now commenced with development underway to provide matching transmission controller support for these newly added engine operating systems, primarily to the T76 controller and the T87 8 speed transmission controller.