Error codes occur for a variety of reasons. EFILive interacts with many different components along the supply chain from software installation, to hardware integration and of course vehicle connection.  Each individual connection needs to work harmoniously to deliver the end result.

Because of the vast array of interactions, when users are faced with an error code it is critical to understand which error code you are receiving. A description isn't necessary, but the Error Code number is essential. For EFILive to deliver prompt and accurate customer service, customers need to provide the following details:

  1. Error Code number
  2. Software version and build number.
  3. FlashScan/AutoCal firmware version.
  4. Windows operating system version.
  5. Vehicle type and controller operating system number (eg, ECM, TCM)

However before you do go to the trouble of logging a support ticket, starting a thread on our forum or sending EFILive an email, did you know you can access a PDF file detailing the error codes? Simply click on your Windows Start menu, then navigate through your program files to the EFILive folder. Located in the V8>Documents folder is a PDF file called EFILive Error Codes.

The EFILive Error Codes PDF lists all of our documented error codes along with descriptions of their cause, and the action to take to resolve the code. Why not drop this file to your desktop for easy reference, and who knows your support needs may just be answered without having to type a keystroke.