With the new generation of ECM's becoming increasingly complex, EFILive recently invested in a dedicated development car, the Chevrolet/Holden Cruze.

Even though EFILive has offered full tuning support for the 1.4L Turbo Cruze using the E78 since September 2010, having a 'test' car always available is a great asset when developing new scan and tune functions.

We chose an Automatic Cruze (in EFILive blue of course) to ensure integrated development between the E78 and newly supported T76 transmission TCM. So far we are thoroughly impressed with the Cruze, particularly it's highway fuel economy of 5.4L/100KM or 43.6MPG.

We have a few unique projects in mind for our Cruze planned for the coming months, and our customers can expect to see an expansion to our tuning support. These projects will highlight to shops that there is more to making money from tuning than peak power bragging rights. Besides, with the Cruze's 'tiny' 1.4L motor it's probably not much threat to a ZR1!....