Development and innovation continues on the all new E98 2.8L Duramax platform.  As the industry leader of switchable on the fly tuning for Diesel ECM's since 2006,  EFILive is now finalizing the implementation of DSP4 for the 2.8L Duramax.

Delivering full control over critical tuning parameters, DSP4 will allow customers to create 4 unique tunes that can be selected at any time without the need to reflash the ECM.

In vehicle testing has commenced with switching implemented via FlashScan V2 and AutoCal hardware devices.  Additional testing continues on a CAN bus based hardwired switch.

The dyno graph below shows just how great this enhancement is, this Colorado had the tunes switched after each run, no reflash, no need to even turn the engine off, just select the tune you want the ECM to use via the FlashScan V2 or Autocal menu and that is it.  Change from 113 KW to 143 KW or 130KW with the press of a button.

This will be a FREE software update to existing customers when our stringent beta program concludes.