For the E92 controller, Auto-Locking is implemented via an EFILive supplied Custom Operating System (COS) patch called EFILocker.  The EFILocker patch is a new and exclusive technology developed by EFILive to provide security for the tuner and at the same time peace of mind for the customer.

A controller that has been locked with the EFILocker patch prevents attempts to read the contents of the controller while still allowing the controller to be re-flashed with a different tune.

To lock an E92 controller using the new EFILocker technology requires a few steps to be followed:

  • Before starting the EFILive V7 Tuning Tool software, connect your FlashScan V2 to enable access to the EFILocker patch.
  • Start the V7 Tuning Tool software, open the tune file that will be flashed into the E92 controller.
  • Apply the EFILocker patch: View->Show calibration window->[Upgrade OS], then click on the [Apply Upgrade] button.
  • Select the [Permissions] tab page in the same window.
  • Check the: "Always set the 'Auto-Lock' security restriction (currently available for LS1B, E38, E40, E54, E60 and E92)."
    EFILive recommends also checking the "Always set the 'Cannot be viewed or Modified' security restriction."
  • Save the file using the menu option: File->Save tuning file as...
    EFILive recommends using the
    "Save tuning file as..." option instead of the "Save tuning file" to retain a pristine copy of your tune file because once the the EFILocker patch is applied and the file saved, the EFILocker patch can never be removed from that file.
  • Uncheck the first two security restrictions.
    EFILive recommends that you don't leave the first two security restrictions set all the time, otherwise all files that you save will become security restricted and you won't be able to open them using the V7 software.
Note: Because the EFILocker patch can never be removed from a tune file, the EFILive V7 Tuning Tool software will continue to allow E92 files that have only the "Auto-Lock" security restriction set to be opened and edited. If the E92 file has any other security restrictions applied (such as "cannot be viewed or modified") then it cannot be opened or edited in the V7 Tuning Tool software. However, those other security restrictions may be removed using the V8 software.

The above description is for saving a standard tune file, however tuners will more often save tune files for use with a remote AutoCal devices. In that case you can and should always have the three AutoCal security restriction options checked, as shown in the image below:

When a file containing the EFILocker patch is flashed into a controller that does not already have the EFILocker patch installed, the user must select a full-flash option to ensure that the EFILocker patch is installed into the controller's operating system. If the user attempts a cal-flash when a full-flash is required the cal-flash will fail with error $054D "Calibration only flashing is not allowed yet.". Once the full-flash has completed successfully and the EFILocker patch is installed into the controller's operating system then subsequent flashes of any EFILocker files may be cal-flash or full-flash.

Existing EFILive security restrictions can be used in-conjunction with the EFILocker Patch.   These features are a free software update to all customers running the March 2015 software or later.