The latest EFILive software release contains updates for the E92 ECM. In addition to vehicle support for a selection of new operating systems, this release delivers extensive parameter enhancements for tuning modified vehicles.

Our base software contained over 300 tuning parameters and this release delivers over 100 additional tables across all operating systems, covering key tuning parameters suitable to support a range of aftermarket upgrades.

Controller locking also features in this update, however the difference in ECM framework has meant that the process implemented is different to locking on other controllers. E92 locking requires a Custom Operating System (COS), called the EFILocker Patch to be applied using the V7.5 Tune Tool. That modified tune file MUST be Full Flashed into the ECM using V8 Scan and Tune software, or Full Flashed using FlashScan V2 or AutoCal in standalone mode for locking to be effective. Existing EFILive security restrictions can be used in-conjunction with the EFILocker Patch.

Our E92 software release is a FREE software update for all customers. Customers will need the GM Tuning Option enabled on their FlashScan V2, and an available VIN License (if the vehicle hasn't already been licensed) to flash each vehicle.