The recent launch of the 2014 2.0L Diesel Cruze in the USA has sparked many enquiries from our existing diesel customers asking 'when can we tune them?' Well there is good news and bad news.

The bad news is the USA 2.0L Diesel Cruze uses an ECM specific to that region, and it just happens to be from the Bosch EDC17 ECM family, like the ECM the LML Duramax uses. With that comes the heightened anti-tampering measures, and just like the LML Duramax it's not possible to read the entire tune out of the ECM via OBD-II.

The good news is, we are successfully flashing modified tunes in to the E47 ECM via OBD-II both on our bench ECM and in test vehicles. And our diesel scan tool PID enhancement contained in our August 6 pre-release software integrates flawlessly on this controller. EFILive's mapping process for the E47 has commenced as can be seen below. We will shortly begin working with more beta testers and partners to deliver the ultimate tuning solution available for these vehicles.


There is one significant difference between the USA Diesel Cruze and the Diesel Cruze available in the rest of the world - the USA Diesel Cruze requires Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). Emissions bypass parameters for DEF and DPF removal will be unavailable to USA customers inline with USA federal law.

EFILive has expanded it's online forum to include a dedicated E47 discussion forum.  Our GM Diesel Supported Vehicles list has also been updated, and for existing customers our E47 software release will be a FREE software update once our stringent beta testing requirements are met.