We told you last month that EFILive was 'first to market' with support for the all new GM Gas E39A controller, and this month we deliver reports from happy customers from right across the globe.

Lets start in the USA with Vermont Tuning based in VT.  With their 2013 2.0L Cadillac ATS, Vermont Tuning ran 13.1 seconds @ 103.5 MPH for the quarter mile.  Vehicle modifications for this run were EFILive custom tuning and E85 fuel conversion by Vermont Tuning.  For comparison purposes, Vermont Tuning also ran EFILive custom tuning with 93 octane gas delivering the time of 13.9 sec @ 97.4 mph.  Stock from the factory, this same vehicle ran 14.6 @ 93.9 mph.  Dropping from 14.6 sec to 13.1 sec without major vehicle upgrades is a huge improvement, and places this vehicle on par for the 1/4 mile with the 1st generation (400hp) 2004 5.7L V8 Cadillac CTS-V 6-spd Manual - well done Brian and the team at Vermont Tuning!

Moving to Mexico, we've had reports that there are a number of Chevrolet Captiva's that have been fine tuned, while in Canada, we've received feedback on our software from Chevrolet Orlando customers.  Sure these vehicles are not 'high performance' by any stretch of the imagination, but for MPG improvements and adjusting other parameters to suit local conditions, customers can get the results they are looking for.  Further afield we've had reports of Holden 3.6L tuning in Australia, and a whisper that an Opel Insignia 2.0L Turbo is about to receive some EFILive tuning.

But there is more to come.  EFILive has supported the T76 transmission for some time, and intends to expand this coverage to 2013 models...but with results like these for the turbo based vehicles, customers had better plan some transmission and turbo upgrades to support calibration changes.