Tuning support for the E20 Diesel ECM is now available in our November 21, 2013 public pre-release.  This ECM has been used in various GM platforms since 2011, including the Series II Cruze and Captiva using the new 'Family Z' 2.0L and 2.2L engines. With 'Family Z' being a worldwide platform, supported vehicles are available in many countries including Europe, South Africa, India, Asia and Australia, but unfortunately not in North America.

Utilizing our own 2014 automatic diesel Cruze alongside the Street Quick Performance manual Cruze for development and testing, EFILive now delivers customers a comprehensive tuning package.  The results been impressive to say the least.   

Both test vehicles are 100% stock with full emissions equipment in tact (including the very handy factory WBO2 sensor).  The on road results are very impressive with our own car now putting out 410 Nm @ 2,950 RPM.  It feels like an old school Holden 5.0L V8 to drive except it gets 4.7L/100km (50MPG) on the highway (Sadly, it still doesn't sound like a V8 though).

To put that torque figure into perspective, the current 2013 3.6L LFX SIDI V6 as used in the Camaro and SV6 Commodore is rated at 377 Nm @ 4,800 RPM.  Remember, Diesel is all about the torque, and with plenty on tap at any RPM these little Diesel's are a lot of fun to drive around town.   

The Street Quick Performance Cruze picked up at least 15% power beyond 2,400 RPM as can be seen from the dyno graph.

To compliment engine tuning, T76 Transmission support is available for automatic transmission used in both the Cruze and Captiva.

Our E20 software release is a FREE software update for all customers. Customers will need the GM Tuning Option enabled on their FlashScan V2, and an available VIN License to flash each vehicle.  Covering vehicles from 2011-2014, a full list of E20 supported vehicles can be found here.