Duramax LML tuning support has finally arrived. The complexity of this ECM and read restrictions in place from the factory have posed some interesting issues for the team at EFILive. We've had to make some technical adjustments to support LML compared to our usual method of platform support.

Since releasing LML flash only support in March, EFILive has been working hard on the LML ECM to deliver a full tuning package just like our support for previous generations of Duramax vehicles.

Those customers familiar with LMM tuning will feel right at home with the LML. It's not radically different, the overall concepts are similar, however the LML gives far greater control due to the fact there are so many tables! What may have been 3 or 4 tables on the LMM for a function, the LML will have up to 12 tables.

EFILive's integrated scan tool adds approx 120 new PID's specifically for late model diesel and will simplify the modification of the 300+ tuning parameters available in our first release. A50 Transmission support, designed to complement and enhance LML engine tuning will move into development after our first public release. No stone has been left unturned to deliver customers the most superior tuning product available, with support available for 2011 vehicles right through to the newly released 2014 LML vehicles.



Emissions bypass parameters will be unavailable to USA customers. While there is a mindset that emissions equipment should be removed to ensure adequate gains, the simple fact is that USA federal law prohibits this. The measurable gains delivered on Duramax-Tuner's test truck of 500HP with full emissions equipment keeps resetting the bench mark and demonstrates that you don't need to breach federal laws to obtain significant gains. EFILive would like to thank Nick and his team at Duramax-Tuner for their assistance on this project.

For existing customers, our LML software release will be a FREE software update once our stringent beta testing requirements are met.