Did you know that there is a range of 'default' settings that can be customized in EFILive V8 Scan and Tune? Tune file save options, software warnings, a range of user information along with Scan Tool and Tune Tool options can all be modified in the EFILive Properties Settings window to create 'default settings' that best suit your needs.

To access these selections, open the EFILive V8 Scan and Tune software and select the Edit -> Properties menu item to open the EFILive Properties Settings window. Numerous features have been added into our latest release software.

Selecting the General -> Files/Folders tab gives access to the newly implemented Auto-Increment options for saving tune files, a feature that has been available in the V7 Tune Tool for many years, and also offers the ability for AutoCal tune files to automatically set the "Cannot be Viewed or Modified" security restriction. The automatic setting of the "Device License" security restriction to match your FlashScan's License has also been added.

The General -> Warnings tab gives user the option to switch on/off a variety of warnings that appear in the software; perfect for those accidental keystroke errors on individual warnings where users disable future warning notices. Newly added features include a range of Quick Setup file security warnings, along with Cummins BBL support warnings.