Did you know that you can customize your FlashScan V2 display?  Why not display your company logo and name, or display a visual image of your favourite vehicle brand, engine or some other custom image.

It's easy to make a splash screen, but there are some rules. 'Simple' images will work best - sharp lines and minimal shading will display better on your FlashScan V2 screen than more complex images.  Using your selected image simply convert it to 128x64 pixels and save it as a bitmap image.

To display your image click on Start->All Programs->EFILive->V8>EFILive Explorer.exe and on the [Splash] tab page select your image.

Users can define the amount of time their Splash Screen is displayed by either navigating in the Scan and Tune program to F6 Devices and adjusting the Timing settings under the F2 General tab.  Alternatively display time can be altered directly via FlashScan's settings editor: F4 Options -> F1 Setup -> F1 Edit Settings, then scroll down to the "Splash" setting. Use the Left/Right arrow keys to change the value by 1ms. Use Ctrl+Left/Right Arrow keys to change by 10ms.

You'll find sample splash screens in \Program Files\EFILive\V8.1\Splash Screens.  Over the years some of our customers have shared their creations with us.  Some of their artwork can be found in this Splash Screens thread on the EFILive forum.  

Splash Screens cannot be displayed on AutoCal devices.