CSP5 for 06-07 5.9L Cummins is now available in our October 16, 2013 pre-release software.  Changes have been made to increase switching accuracy when additional scan tool functions are being used concurrently, including products like generic scan tools, gauge and monitor products as well our own FlashScan V2 and AutoCal hardware.

This new software release IS NOT compatible with existing CSP5 tunes, which to this point have only been available in beta or pre-release format.  After updating software and firmware, customers MUST convert their standard factory file to a CSP5 file to maintain compatibility.  Once the file is converted to CSP5, customers can utilize the scripting function to apply their table changes from their older file to their new file.  


In addition to switching via FlashScan V2 or AutoCal, integration of EFILive's proprietary CSP5 custom operating system is designed to function only with licensed ancillary products provided by licensed distributors.


Only licensed distributors are approved by EFILive and have the rights to provide the ancillary products to CSP5. All software is copyright protected.  EFILive recommends that customers confirm that their chosen ancillary product is licensed for distribution and use. EFILive's current licensed distributors can be found here.


CSP5 has been tested vigorously on daily driver test trucks as well as fully built race trucks.  In both cases, the results are the same, not only are customers switching their tunes on the fly, the Enhanced Data Acquisition (EDA) features are redefining the concept of data logging.

EFILive beta tester and owner of Starlite Diesel, Zach Fuller has been utilising CSP5 on the Black's Diesel Performance race truck all season.  Earlier this year this truck set a world record for the fastest common rail Pro Street truck with a pass of 9.09 @ 151 MPH. 

On reviewing recent logs Zach said "What better analysis can there be than what EDA has provided? It's an awesome tool to help us refine our tunes and diagnose issues."