The October 05, 2014 Pre-Release software delivers customers the ability to flash those 2007-2009 Cummins 6.7L ECM's with the 1000601 Anti Tuning Bootloader which until now have been un-tuneable.

Two 'patch' files, one for automatic transmission vehicles and one for manual transmission vehicles are included in the EFILive V8 software installation. To use the files, customers are required to read and save their anti bootloader tune, then install the patch file. Once the patch file has been flashed, the base file or another suitable tune can be flashed into the ECM. The patch file should not remain in the ECM as a permanent file.

Complete installation documentation can be found in the Cummins BootRSA Patch User Guide located under the Help->Documents menu in the EFILive V8 software, or on our website.

Both CM2100A_BootRSA_Patch_xxxx.ctz files are locked to prevent accidental editing. Customers wishing to use these files for AutoCal devices will need to use the [Link to Remote AutoCal] feature to link the patch file to their FlashScan V2 device to give permission for AutoCal to flash that file.