The future is looking very bright for our Cummins 07-09 6.7L Customers. Behind the scenes our developers have been working tirelessly on additional software enhancements that will be integrated into future software releases.

CSP5, EFILive's custom operating system for the Cummins CM2100 ECM has progressed into beta testing. Like CSP5 for 5.9L, the system has been designed to switch 'on the fly' between 6 different tunes, all stored in the ECM's flash memory. Five tunes are accessible through CAN bus switching, and a sixth tune can be switched using an input on one of the ECM's connectors. First version testing generated interesting discussions based on results, leading to a change in parameter selection for second version testing.

Enhanced Data Acquisition (EDA), only available on CSP5 operating systems has also moved into beta testing. Delivering the only standalone black box logging (BBL) solution for CM2100, EDA aims to simplify the task of logging by creating a single group of 'critical' parameters hand selected by tuners as essential tuning feedback items.

The 1000601 Anti Tuning Bootloader has also been addressed, with the beta test team successfully flashing many previously un-tuneable ECM's. Additional testing with remote AutoCal customers will test our documentation changes before a public release update is made available.

Public release of these enhancements will be available once all testing meets our stringent standards. As with all EFILive software releases, this release will be a FREE software update for all of our existing customers.