The feature that is requested more frequently than any other is "When will switchable tuning be available for Cummins?" Well the answer to that question in recent weeks has changed.  Cummins Switchable Tuning CSP5 is now being field tested on selected Cummins 06-07 5.9L vehicles, with development for Cummins 07-09 6.7L vehicles to follow.

Like Duramax, our solution is a 5 position tune containing selected tables for modification. However, in this case due to ECM hardware constraints a hard wired switch is not part of our solution. Customers will have a choice for switching using either FlashScan V2 or AutoCal connected to the OBDII port. EFILive has been in discussion with a number of Professional Automotive app developers, working towards implementing our switching technology for Cummins into their new and existing automotive apps for both iOS and Android based products, yes, switching tunes with your phone. We will be sure to share further information on these exciting developments.

But wait there is addition to switching 30 individual tables in each of the 5 tunes via the CAN bus, we've also added a 6th tune which is automatically selected when a spare pin on the ECM is grounded. As an example, if a customer wanted to engage a specific tune for Nitrous, they would wire the ECM pin to the nitrous system, when the nitrous is turned on the ECM automatically switches to this tune.

We have also added a controllable output on the ECM that can be turned on once a series of user defined conditions have been met, this could be useful for a warning lamp, or disabling nitrous unless certain conditions are met, such as minimum RPM's, throttle position.

CSP5also delivers the platform for our EDA, (Enhanced Data Acquisition) logging features. While EFILive data logging for Cummins has been leading edge technology that others have tried to emulate, EFILive has continued to refine, enhance and deliver better results for their customers. Logging a total of 38 PIDs (67 channels) at about 40 frames per second, making this enhancement the envy of every other Cummins Data logging system in existence! including earlier versions of our own software. This speed and data selection is simply unparalleled with most other scantools lucky to get just 15 SAE PID's at 12 frames per second. Furthermore, our PID's were specifically created to assist in tuning, some of the data we can log is not even available on the dealerships scantool.

A range of security measures have also been added, tunes are automatically locked when flashed to stop unauthorised copying, and password protection is available for tune selections. Standalone/Blackbox logging (BBL) for Cummins completes the updated features for this release, no more lugging a laptop around to log data.

Public release will be available once all testing meets our stringent standards. As with all EFILive software releases, this release will be a FREE software update for all of our existing customers.