EFILive's newest development vehicle has been in our stable for 3 weeks now. Our initial impressions have been good with our run home resulting in 43.6 MPG!

Within an hour of having the vehicle it was time to read out the E78 ECM and T76 TCM. Unfortunately for us, the T76 was a new OS and wasn't supported, so we can't sit here and say within an hour of ownership it had been tuned!

With OS supported added, and a few tuning changes under our belts, it was time for our first set of modifications; converting our Cruze to E85 FlexFuel. We fitted a FlexFuel sensor, changed our injectors to 42lb to handle the demands of ethanol fuel, and enabled the FlexFuel parameters within the ECM. Of course modification of this nature would not be complete without adding a FlexFuel badge to the vehicle!

With the V2 plugged in and the WBO2 being monitored it was time to run the engine. We had previously added E10 (10% ethanol fuel) to the tank to ensure the ECM was reading our new sensor correctly and adjusting fuelling to compensate for the slight change in ethanol content.

It was good news all round, the ethanol sensor was reading perfectly (it said 6.7% ethanol with a sensor frequency of 57Hz) and the ECM had already adjusted it's target Stoich value down to 14.33:1 AFR to compensate for the small ethanol content.

Time to get brave, with half a tank of E10 left we filled the Cruze up with E85. Of course the comment from the pump attendant was "You can't put E85 in those". The good news is the Cruze is now happily running on a reported 44% ethanol, with virtually no knock. We are yet to take another highway trip for an MPG comparison, but so far around town our fuelling changes haven't made a significant difference to MPG.

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