Our last newsletter detailed our Cruze conversion to Flex Fuel.

After cautiously adding E10 and testing our component changes, we added E85 to our already half full tank. As we reported, our Cruze was happily running on 44% ethanol, with virtually no knock.

Time for some data comparisons. Stock from the factory, the 1.4L is rated at 148 lb·ft (200 Nm) and 138 HP (103 KW).

Our 44% E85 mix, has allowed about 5 more degrees of timing before knock appears at WOT (though we suspect this is false knock anyway). The current tune is pushing it to about 19 PSI of boost from 4,400RPM up. The scanner reported maximum torque of 204 lb-ft (277 Nm) and maximum of 190 HP (141 KW). Sadly, this is almost the same torque as the 2010+ 3.0L SIDI V6 GM has, 212 lb·ft (288 Nm) @ 5800 RPM.

With some 0-60 MPH runs, our Cruze hit 'just' under the 7 second mark, 6.9 seconds to be exact. Our vehicle remains stock - stock intake manifold, stock air box and filter, no hardware mods at all (well,except the E85 conversion). We have now reached the point where the ESC (Electronic Stability Control) is causing issues by reducing the throttle to 45% just after the 1-2 shift as the wheels start to break traction, unfortunately turning off the traction control does not disable this 'feature'.


Comparison Factory Rating EFILive Results
HP 138 HP (103 KW) 190 HP (141 KW)
Torque 148 lb-ft (200 Nm) 204 lb-ft (277 Nm)
0-60 MPH 8.5-9.1 seconds 6.9 seconds