It's exciting times for Cruze owners across the world. Not only are we having great success with our in-house project vehicle, but so are our customers!

Vermont Tuning in VT, USA recently tuned the first 14 second Cruze completing the 1/4 mile in 14.75 seconds at 93 MPH. What a great achievement for Brian and the Vermont Tuning team, and what an even greater achievement for advances in technology. By comparison, way back in 1975 a stock Pontiac Trans Am 455 1/4 mile time was 16.1 seconds, in 1992 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 clocked in 15.2 seconds, and in 1995 Chevrolet Impala SS at 15.4 seconds. Even the 2005 Ford Mustang LX only made it down the track in 15.3 seconds. We certainly have come along way!

The following modifications have been made to the VT Cruze - bolt-on turbo upgrade (22lb/min mass air flow @ 26psi @ 6100 rpm), meth/water injection, K&N Typhoon intake, ported intake manifold. Brian has chosen to raise boost a little at a time, but keep the stock rev limiter in place. He intends to keep pushing his Cruze with additional hard part changes and fine tuning adjustments to continue.

While on the other side of the globe, Australia's Horsepower Factory has been charged with the tuning responsibilities for the Walkinshaw Performance Cruze. With a new turbo and a pair of exhausts, along with a host of other changes, the vehicles has been rated as 240HP/228 lb·ft (180Kw/310 Nm), adding 80% more power and 50% more torque over the factory ratings, certainly solid performance gains.