Many customers create their *.cax files from the default LS1B example file provided with the EFILive software or from other *.cax files that were originally created from the deafult LS1B file. That file contains LS1B specific operating system details in the [OS] section that are not valid for any other controller.

In situations where users are tuning controllers other than an LS1B, the entire [OS] section should be removed

or each item's value in the [OS] section should be set to a non-numeric value such as X which will cause the item's value to be ignored by the EFILive software.  

The [OS] section should only be retained in the *.cax file for controllers that are not supported by EFILive.  And in that case it is the user's responsibility to ensure that the data in the [OS] section is valid for the target controller.