Heather Powell's 2002 LB7 ZF6 Duramax is running EFILive custom tuning by Dan's Diesel Performance in Marengo, IL.  

For my tunes I chose an economy tune that averages 22-23 running 80mph down the interstate with 33" tires, a tow tune for hauling trailers, a moderate performance tune, and a high horse power performance tune for weekend competitions. My truck serves a purpose as a daily driver, a farm truck, and a sled puller all while maintaining reliability. This truck runs smooth, it's nice to drive, and burns clean on the road. This truck differs from most that are on the road as it is backed with a manual transmission. This truck originally dynoed 477hp and 878ft/lb torque with only a big horse power tune, Valair dual disc clutch, and an MBRP 4" exhaust. Everything else was still stock (stock turbo, stock fuel, stock air intake). Since then, a few small accessories have been added and my most recent dyno results were 555hp and 1222 ft/lb.

I couldn't ask for better tuning than what my truck is currently running. The truck is responsive, reliable, and powerful when I need it.