On June 10, 2019 EFILive's online VIN License ordering facility will be updated to include a comprehensive validation process to assist customers when ordering licenses. The validation process will detect and prevent invalid orders prior to check-out.

Just like the current web site, customers will be required to enter a valid serial number and auth-code. The new web site will automatically validate the order details prior to the selected license being added to the shopping cart. While the data input is identical to the current web site, the new validation process will eliminate invalid orders by confirming the order details are correct prior to checking-out. 

This new ordering process requires that customers use the latest EFLive V8.2.24 software to generate auth-codes. Auth-codes generated by older versions of the EFILive software will be rejected. The EFILive V8.2.24 software is currently in beta test, available here and will be available as the current public release from our website prior to June 10. 

Once a valid serial number and the correct auth-code have been entered, they will be automatically validated and customers will be able to complete their order without any significant delay. If an invalid serial number or an incorrect auth-code is provided, an error message explaining the problem will be displayed to the customer; effectively allowing the customer to correct their order prior to checking out and paying for the order.