A flash failure will normally not render supported EFILive controllers unrecoverable.  In most cases full flashing the controller with a stock tune file that has no security options active, will restore the controller to proper working order.

There are some exceptions to this process, particularly for pre-CAN based controllers such as those that use VPW communications protocols, including LS1, LB7, LLY and AL5.  These controllers use a communications protocol that is not very robust and was replaced in 2006.  In many cases, these controllers can also fail with factory tools.
To assist customers and dealers with controller recovery, EFILive has recently revised all trouble shooting documentation.  Problems Reading a Controller and Problems Flashing a Controller have both been updated, and three new help resources have been added - Controller Recovery, and LB7 & LLY Tips and Tricks are both designed to provide users with first response support instructions.   
Replacement VIN licenses may be issued as an outcome of an EFILive Support investigation.  The VIN License Replacement Policy documents the support process and assessment criteria for controllers that cannot be recovered.  Please refer to the documentation for further information.