The cal_link.txt file has historically been the key to overlay scan tool data into the tune tool. Overlaying data between the two tools delivers customers the most powerful tracking tool to assist in tune file modification.

As support has expanded to include additional controllers, customers have had the opportunity to maintain their own unique cal_link.txt file. This single file format has been cumbersome to maintain and difficult for customers to share their personal configurations, however that has now changed.

The July 18, 2013 public beta software removes the single cal_link.txt file and replaces it with an individual file for each controller using the file names CCC_link.ini file, where CCC is the controller ID. Customers who have made unique changes to their cal_link.txt file will need to make those same changes to the appropriate CCC_link.ini files.

This new format will make the task of updating CCC_link.ini files easier to manage, and will assist in the sharing of configurations given there is no impact on other controllers. CCC_link.ini files are located in the \Program Files\EFILive\V7\Configuration folder.

Existing customers who have created unique CCC_link.ini files are invited to submit their relevant, unique data to to be added into a future software release for the benefit of all users.