In the past you may have used the V7.5 software to lock a controller with a custom key. A custom key is a 5 digit code that you supply and is used to lock the controller. When you want to reflash that controller you must supply the same custom key that you used to lock the controller. If you wanted to send your customer an updated tune to be flashed using a remote AutoCal (or FlashScan) device then you would need to tell the customer your key so the controller could be unlocked prior to flashing. However, revealing your key to the customer defeats the purpose of locking the controller in the first place.

The EFILive V8 software now provides a way to embed your custom key into the file to be flashed which is then used to allow the flash process to complete successfully without the end user needing to know the value of your custom key.

  • [Set Key] which will ask you to enter a key to be used to unlock the remote controller. (The key is encrypted before being stored in the file.)
  • [Clear Key] which will remove the key from the file.
  • Try Alt Keys which forces FlashScan/AutoCal to try additional known keys to unlock the controller.
  • Assume Lock May Be Faulty which forces FlashScan/AutoCal to attempt to unlock the controller even if a lock is not detected.
  • High Speed (VPW Only) which will attempt to flash the controller using high speed mode (the default value for this option is "checked").

The remote options listed above can also be applied via the [F5: BBX] -> [F6: Quick Setup] menu, then by selecting single or multiple tune files and using the right click option to open the [Quick Setup Properties] -> [Remote Control] screen.

If a controller is already locked with a custom key and you flash that controller with a file containing the correct custom key and the Auto-Lock flag, then the controller will be re-locked using EFILive's Auto-Lock feature. If you would prefer to keep the controller locked with the custom key, simply do not set the Auto-Lock flag in the file.