EFILive is pleased to announce the introduction of automatic order processing of controller auth-codes for orders placed in the EFILive store.  Automated email responses containing the authorized controller auth-code will occur within 20 mins of correct order placement. 

In addition to receiving an automated email response with the authorized controller auth-code, these details will also be automatically appended to your online order profile for future reference. 

Controller authorization is required on many late model GM Controllers.  Controller auth-codes can be moved between PC's and FlashScan and AutoCal easily and efficiently using the Controller Authorization module contained in the EFILive V8 Scan and Tune software. 

The Controller Authorization documentation has been updated to reflect these changes.  Orders that contain an invalid controller auth-code, or require manual intervention due to payment processing or other issues will be processed in accordance with the License Purchases & Activation Codes FAQ.