EFILive's public software release on April 23rd, 2013 delivers tuners the ability to unlink an AutoCal from their FlashScan V2 device to allow that AutoCal to be relinked to a different FlashScan V2.  This feature would most commonly be used when the AutoCal is accidentally linked to the wrong FlashScan V2 device before shipping, or when the end user (tuner's customer) wishes to use another tuner with an EFILive FlashScan V2 for their tuning services.

To unlink an AutoCal device, the tuner must connect the AutoCal device and the FlashScan V2 device originally used to link the AutoCal and select the unlink option. For unlinking to occur, end users MUST return their AutoCal device to their original tuner. Subsequent tuners and EFILive cannot offer an unlinking service. 

An unlinked AutoCal will be relinked when either the tuner connects the AutoCal device to a FlashScan V2 device and selects the link option, or the tuner sends a file that was "saved for AutoCal" to the end user and the end user flashes that file into their vehicle.  Tuners and end users should note that if the end user re-flashes a tune file made by the original tuner after unlinking, but prior to flashing a file made by a subsequent tuner, then the AutoCal will be relinked to the original tuners FlashScan V2 device. 


Once an AutoCal has been unlinked, and the AutoCal flashes a tune file from a subsequent FlashScan V2, all tune files that were created using the original FlashScan V2 can no longer be flashed by the AutoCal device.  Tuners should implement a process to ensure the end user's stock file is converted from the original FlashScan V2 to the new FlashScan V2. Failing to do so will prevent end users from flashing their stock tune.     


Controller licensing is unaffected by unlinking.  Unlinking and relinking an AutoCal device does NOT require additional licensing provided the controller originally tuned remains the same.  Additional AutoCal VIN licenses are required to tune additional controllers.  

EFILive customers will need to update their FlashScan V2 and AutoCal devices to gain access to this new feature.