To compliment our Duramax LML tuning software, EFILive is pleased to announce reading and flashing for the A50 transmission controller.

With EFILive V8 Scan and Tune, and using our proprietary boot-loaders, the EFILive read process accommodates reading the entire contents of the A50 TCM in under two minutes - a far cry from the constraints presented with the A40 TCM. Both calibration only and full flash options are available.

Parameter mapping for A50 is presently in development. EFILive requests customers read their A50 controller and submit those read files to to ensure their operating system is supported for our initial mapping release.

To combat lock-up issues, additional slip tables have been added to the AL5 and A40 transmission controllers, and table configurations have changed. The AL5 has also received additional torque control parameters (only available on some OS's).

Full flashing support for the 2006-2009 A40 Transmission has also been added to this release. This feature is ONLY available in EFILive V8 Scan and Tune software and is a free update for existing customers. Stay tuned for further updates because over the coming months we plan to modify the read options for the A40 TCM to allow both the current option of a calibration only read, and a new option to 'read entire.'

Our Allison Transmission enhancements are a FREE software update for all customers.