Development continues on both the Cummins 6.7L 2010-2012 ECM (CMD) and the Cummins 6.7L 2013+ (CME) ECMs.  Focusing on delivering CSP5 (Cummins Switchable Performance tuning on the fly) and EDA (Enhanced Data Acquisition) as our next enhancements, EFILive is pleased to provide users with a progress status update.

Available ECM space has been a significant issue in development - simply put, free space is very limited to add in our additional code and tables.  Feedback has been sought to determine CSP5 mapping parameters to give users the best experience possible within the available space.  The final outcome is very similar to our previous CSP5 releases for 2006-2009 Cummins models.

While CSP5 for the 2010-12 CMD ECM comes with 5 switchable positions, the lack of free space for the 2013-15 CME ECM has restricted switching to 4 positions.   Available parameters are detailed in the screen shot below.

EDA development has created a single group of 49 hand selected parameters deemed as essential for tuning feedback.  This logging development creates the first usable scan tool for 2010-15 Cummins vehicles and sets the benchmark for all future products.  The image below shows the selection of PID's being logged on a 2012 truck.  The design for the 2013-15 CME controller contains essentially the same PID's.

With speeds of 35 to 40 frames per second real time logging looks like this...
2012 Cummins EDA Log Playback 
With the proof of concept development phase now finalized, and initial in-vehicle testing going well, EFILive expects beta testing will commence by mid April, 2015.  The timing of a subsequent public release will depend on beta test results.  

EFILive would like to thank Zach at Starlite Diesel for assisting with our proof of concept testing and thank our customers, users, testers and dealers for their constant support and encouragement in developing these enhancements.