EFILive is pleased to announce that our January 28 pre-release software delivers preliminary support for the Cummins 6.7L 2010-2012 ECM and the Cummins 6.7L 2013-2015 ECM, effectively delivering the first comprehensive aftermarket software solution for 2006-2015 RAM Cummins vehicles.

Our initial beta test of key parameters has delivered measurable onboard vehicle improvements. Those customers familiar with Cummins 07-09 tuning will feel right at home with these two new controllers. They are not radically different, and the overall tuning concepts are similar.

Useful factory scan tool data for both the CMD and CME controllers is very limited. EFILive is reporting available scan tool data, it just so happens that what is available is quite lacking. This factory issue will also explain why there is no other aftermarket logging tool presently available. Sitting very high on the future development list includes providing useful scan tool data via EFILive's custom CSP5/EDA operating systems.

This releases improves successful flashing rates substantially compared to the results of our first internal beta test. Flashing time for both pick-up and C&C vehicles are now approximately 12 minutes, still significantly faster than factory tool which generally takes about 25 minutes on the 2013+.

Twenty five of the most recent operating systems have been mapped for tuning support. Customers will need to determine the most recent tune revision for their vehicle, then obtain a base file for editing and flashing purposes given the ECM cannot be read. The Cummins 2010-2015 Quick Start guide provides the essential instructions to get customers started. A selection of EFILive compatible base stock files are readily available on the internet or custom files may be purchased through organizations that have the necessary hardware and software to create personalized base files.

EFILive software is constantly evolving. While this first release delivers platform support and key tuning parameters, the following enhancements are scheduled for development on the CMD and CME during 2015:

  • CSP5 - Cummins Switchable Tuning on the fly.
  • EDA - Enhanced Data Acquisition. Only available for those customers running CSP5 operating systems, EDA will create a single group of approx 45 parameters hand selected by tuners as essential tuning feedback items. For existing Cummins platforms, this feature delivers 3 times as many parameters, and is five times faster than existing logging. For CMD and CME customers, these enhancements will be greater given the lack of scanning detail from the factory.
  • Data logging via FlashScan V2 and AutoCal.
  • Transmission tuning parameters for 68RFE equipped vehicles.
  • Emissions removal parameters will be developed for non USA based customers.

Our 2010-2015 Cummins software release is a FREE software update for all customers. Customers will need the Dodge Cummins Tuning Option enabled on their FlashScan V2, and an available VIN License to flash each vehicle.