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Cummins 07-09 6.7L Update

The future is looking very bright for our Cummins 07-09 6.7L Customers. Behind the scenes our developers have been working tirelessly on additional software enhancements that will be integrated into future software releases.  Read More

Switching FlashScan connection between V8 and V7 Software

When FlashScan or AutoCal is connected to your PC, the V8 software usually holds a connection to the device which prevents the V7 software from connecting.

Did you know you can right click on the EFILive Control Panel's icon in the system tray and select "Disconnect"?  Read More

Record All Diagnostics

Do you require VIN, OS, CVN details or other key data from your customer to generate correct tune files? Is managing inaccurate and incomplete data consuming too much valuable time? If you answered 'Yes', then adding the "Record All Diags" to your customer processes will help eliminate these issues.

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