Discounts and Rebates

Stream Discounts

Purchase one or more stream license in a single order to receive the following discounts.


One Stream:
Two Streams:
Three Streams:
Four Streams: 15%
Five or more Streams: 20%


VIN Rebate Program

Purchasing an unlimited Stream license is a difficult decision to make. Will you tune enough vehicles to break even on the purchase price? Would you have been better off purchasing VIN licenses instead? With EFILive's VIN Rebate program you don't need to worry.

The VIN Rebate program allows you to purchase VIN licenses as you need them. When you have tuned enough vehicles to know that a Stream license is warranted, you can "cash in" your VIN licenses for a significant discount on one or more Stream purchases. That way you can start tuning right away but still delay your decision on whether to purchase VIN or Stream licenses until you know how many vehicles you need to tune.


The details:

For each VIN license that you have purchased, EFILive will rebate US$50 of the cost of those VIN licenses as a discount on any Stream purchase, up to a maximum discount of 50%. 

Only VIN licenses purchased for the FlashScan device the stream will be activated on are eligible for a VIN rebate.  Note that VIN licenses which are included with a Tuning Option are not eligible for rebate.


An example:

You purchase a FlashScan V2 with the GM Tuning Option package. Over the next 6 months you purchase another 15 VIN licenses to tune customer's vehicles. You decide that it is time to upgrade to an E35 Stream license. The E35 Stream license allows unlimited tuning of any E35 (LBZ/LMM) controllers.
Through the VIN Rebate Program you are eligible for a discount of $750.00.


Here's how the example discount was calculated:

You have 15 VIN licenses eligible for rebate.

  • $50 per VIN license is: $50 * 15 = $750.00.
  • The discounted price of the E35 Stream will be: $2,399.00 - $750.00 = $1,649.00


To receive your discount

To receive your discount, customers MUST Contact EFILive to calculate the rebate prior to placing their order.  Customers will be issued a discount coupon to use in our online store to adjust the value of their purchase.