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December 29 2016, Public Release

V8 Software: V8.2.4, Build 312
FlashScan/AutoCal Firmware: V2.07.109 (Dec 29, 2016)
FlashScan/AutoCal Boot Block: V2.07.007 (Feb 07, 2014)
V7.5 Software: V7.5.9, Build 318

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2017 E98 2.8L USA Duramax Support

EFILive is pleased to release 2017 E98 2.8L Duramax support for USA based vehicles.  The 2017 USA based E98 is the first diesel platform to use GM's tougher controller security processes.

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L5P Duramax Data Logging Now Available

EFILive is pleased to include L5P data logging including enhanced and DMA PIDs in the December 22, 2016 public release software.  Reviewing the requirements for L5P flashing will be a priority once our development team return from their annual Christmas break.

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