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June 2019, Public Release

V8 Software: V8.2.24
FlashScan/AutoCal Firmware: V2.07.140 (May 26, 2019)
FlashScan/AutoCal Boot Block: V2.07.008 (Jul 04, 2018)
V7.5 Software: V7.5.28

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VIN License Order Validation

On June 17, 2019 EFILive's online VIN License ordering system will be updated to include serial/auth-code validation prior to checkout. Only valid serial/auth-codes will be given the option to add VIN License products to the cart and proceed to checkout.

Users must be running EFILive V8.2.24 software to generate valid auth-codes.  The EFILive knowledge base has been updated to include VIN License Order Validation help files.

This systems change will deliver significant customer value.  Currently the serial and auth-code validation occurs after payment processing.  Moving validation to before payment processing will ensure most orders pass automated processing and significantly reduce orders that require manual intervention. 

Tune File Version Changes

This release saves *.ctz and *.coz tune files using an updated format. All new *.ctz and *.coz tune files that are saved using V7.5.28, V8.2.24, and V2.07.140 (or later versions) will no longer be compatible with older software or firmware versions. Attempts to open a new file using old software will result in error $0525 "Tune file is not compatible with firmware" or "Tune file is not compatible with current software version". Any customer that needs to open *.ctz or *.coz files that have been created or saved using this or a later version of the EFILive software, must also use this or a later version.
Note: Existing *.ctz and *.coz files saved using previous versions of the EFILive software can be opened by this and later versions of the EFILive software.
To assist customers in updating their tune file databases to take advantage of the latest tune file security format, customers can use the [F8: Tools] ->[F6: Bulk Files] -> [Update Files] option that allows the updating of tune files stored inside *.bbx files and tunes stored within folders on your PC.